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How Do You Take Care Of A Child’s Feet?

If you’re a parent, you want to take as good care of your kids as possible. Unfortunately, taking care of their feet can be hard. You should know if you don’t take proper care of their feet, you’re compromising your kids’ health. Thankfully, this article will be discussing the many things you have to do to ensure their feet are in the best possible shape. If interested, read ahead.

Don’t Let Them Walk Barefoot

Walking barefoot can be very dangerous. Because your little ones are trotting around with their feet exposed. They may step on all sorts of things, causing bacteria to spread across their feet.


As they’re kids, they’re not very clean. They may not shower as thoroughly as they should, or as often. So the bacteria that latched onto their feet would still be in place.

This is very dangerous if they happen to cut themselves while walking. The bacteria can immediately swarm inside, causing your little one to get sick.

Tend To Wounds

They can easily get hurt. Not just because they’re careless, but due to their skin being very tender. So you need to tend to their wounds immediately.

You should not only tend to them quickly but also thoroughly. If you don’t, you’re letting the bacteria that’s latched onto them while walking go inside their wound.

How Do You Cut Their Toenails?

You may not know this, but there’s a specific way you have to cut your little one’s toenails. You should cut them straight across.

Because this prevents an ingrown toenail from forming. Ingrown toenails although not dangerous can be very painful.

And if they do form, you won’t be able to tend to them. You’ll have to get a podiatrist’s help.

Regular Check-Ups

It’s important to take your little one to the doctor regularly. He’ll be able to examine your little one, noting if anything is out of the ordinary.

He’ll also check his feet. Remember your feet are a vital part of you. So, regular check-ups of how they’re doing are good as if something is up and you ignore it, you’re compromising your ability to walk. Obviously, you don’t want this for your child.

Thankfully, towns like armadale have a multitude of podiatry clinics, especially for kids.

What Size Shoes Are They Wearing?

Children grow rapidly. So, it’s important that you take your little one with you to the shop whenever you’re buying him shoes. Do not go by an old size as he may have outgrown it.

If you buy something that’s too small, you’re going to cut his feet. And it’ll be very uncomfortable for him to walk as he’ll get bruised.

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If they’re too big, the feet will start to develop corns and calluses. These make it hard to walk.

How Young Are They?

If your child is very young, you shouldn’t let him wear shoes that often. Because he needs to learn to walk properly without shoes.

When he walks barefoot, his muscles will strengthen.

With the above points in consideration, it’s easy to see the many things you have to consider when looking after your kid’s feet.