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Habits Of A Woman With A Healthy Reproductive System

As women, we have a responsibility to take steps to keep our reproductive system healthy and protect it from any injuries and infections. By doing so, we are ensured to avoid any long term health problems and serious illnesses. If we start early and opt to have a healthier lifestyle, we are not only taking care of ourselves, we are also making sure our loved ones would be free of dealing with the hassles and difficulties of caring for a sick family member.

If you are serious about caring for your reproductive system, there are habits that you need to develop starting today.

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Track Your Monthly Cycle

You might think it is not necessary to track your monthly cycle if you are not planning to get pregnant or you have another method for birth control. But, tracking your monthly cycle could show you if there is something wrong with your reproductive system. This is the reason why you are asked when was your last period every time you go and visit a doctor. Tracking your period would also tell you why you have been moody recently and why you are lazy(ier) than the normal. Also, if you are stressed, there is a chance your period would be delayed and you could see how stress affects your overall well-being.

Get Annual Check-Ups

One of the best things you could do to take care of your reproductive system is to get checked on a yearly basis. Find a gynecologist melbourne who would keep track of your reproductive system’s health and who could give you the necessary care that you need. If you are also at risk of developing any diseases, they could give you the preventive care required. Ask your mother, grandmother, aunts or any female family members regarding their reproductive health and if there is any diseases that they could pass on to you genetically.

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

We all know that proper food and exercise could keep us healthy. This also leads to a healthy reproductive system. If we shy away from alcohol, it could increase the likelihood of conception and if we quit smoking, we are likely to be more fertile and menopause later compared to chain smokers. If you include food rich in antioxidants and fiber in your diet and you avoid trans-fat, you increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Practice Safe Sex

Aside from having a gynecologist that you could regularly visit to care for your reproductive health, you also need to do your part by protecting yourself from any sexually transmitted infections and diseases by practicing safe sex. Even if you are on the pill for birth control, this does not protect you from HPV. If you are not on a monogamous relationship, use a condom.

Tracking your monthly period, getting annual check-ups, leading a healthy lifestyle and practicing safe sex are some of the habits women with healthy reproductive systems observe. If you are not doing anything of these, it is advisable that you start now. But, don’t limit yourself to these customs. Develop other healthier habits that promote a healthier reproductive system.