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How Do You Get Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the world. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it. However, if you get treated early on, you have nothing to worry about. That’s why, we’ll be running through the many ways skin cancer forms, educating you. So, read ahead.


Going out in the sun is one of the best ways to get some Vitamin D. Although this is true, you also get shot with UV rays. Depending on how strong the sun is, getting hit by its UV rays isn’t good.

If you aren’t aware, UV rays are a form of radiation. This causes cells in your body to mutate, becoming cancerous.

By going out in the sun often, you’re susceptible to skin cancer, especially if you go out during the middle of the day as this is when the sun is the harshest.


You should know that being older makes you more vulnerable to skin cancer. Your body has many natural mechanisms that protect itself. One of these is collagen, which keeps your skin strong and safe from harmful UV rays.

If you’re not aware, collagen dies out as you get older. This causes your skin to get beaten up by the UV rays better, increasing your risk of skin cancer.

Sun Beds

Yes, we’re still talking about UV rays. The sun isn’t the only way you can get shot by it. If you have paler skin, one of the ways you can make yourself darker is by getting a tan. Tanning salons do this by putting you in a bed that shoots UV rays directly at you.

As you know, this is a horrible thing to do and, in a few years, you’ll regret it when you start to see melanomas all over.


Smoking causes skin cancer. Not only does it cause skin cancer, it can cause any type of cancer you can think about.

Cancer occurs when cells mutate. They mutate, so they keep on growing and don’t die. The fact of the matter is, cigarettes are full of harmful chemicals that act as carcinogens, promoting these mutations.

These carcinogens specifically target the lungs, but your whole body is vulnerable.

Are You A Skin Cancer Survivor?

You may be a skin cancer survivor. Although you’ve beat the cancer, the unfortunate truth is that it can pop up at any time. This happens quite a bit, which is why you’ll need continuous check-ups at skin cancer clinics. They do things like  letting you remove unwanted moles (which could’ve been cancer)

The check-ups make it possible to treat the cancer before it grows. As you know, skin cancer is extremely easy to treat during the early stages.

Your Immune System Is Weak

When you have a weak immune system, your white blood cells can’t fight off cancer cells. This causes them to grow.

As discussed, there are many ways you can get skin cancer. So, heed the above points and make the appropriate adjustments to your lifestyle. That being said, hopefully, you found this article informative.