How Much Effort Do You Make to Feel Great at Middle Age?

Are you in your mid-thirties or forties, and starting to feel ‘different’? Most women have a negative story to tell at this point in their lives. However, if you do the simple things that you always should have been doing, you’re likely to be shining still, bright and beautiful, as always!

Take Care as You Always Did

One of the most common mistakes many women tend to make is that they care less about themselves as they get older, and a lot less when they are actually old. This, most of the time, happens unconsciously, with time. As you go on with life – you get married, have kids, and they grow up, you tend to care less about yourself and more about the ones you love. When you continue to go on like this, you could reach a point where your body and mind becomes exhausted and weak.

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This is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. It’s important for you to take care every single day as a woman, and not just when you’ve reached the midpoint of your life. Of course, though, you’d need a little more care when you’ve gotten to this point, because, obviously, there still could be some things you cannot do the same way as you did ten years ago. But, taking care and loving yourself every day, from day one, can really make a difference.


You might argue that, despite everything you do in the best way that you can, the changes that happen with your hormones can still mess with the way you look and feel. This is quite true. Hormone levels change, sometimes drastically, as women get older. However, this again, can be managed to a very great extent, given that you do all the right things.

In addition to taking general care, you also need to maintain the good diets that you’d always been practicing. Sometimes, when you’ve come to your thirties and your forties, you may want to tweak your diet a little bit, for the better of course. For instance, focus on eating calcium dense foods, and also look for foods that help achieve hormonal balance.


Exercise is something you must have been doing right throughout from a very young age. If not, it’s never too late to start. You may want to look for specific or special fitness programs that are just right for you. Some of these are especially and very carefully planned out taking into consideration all the essential physical and mental factors, making it perfect for women in their middle ages.

There is no particular age where you should take fitness more seriously. It is vital for every individual, young and old. It’s just that the methods and art you’d follow could vary given your wellness status and of course, age.

As you see, the way you look and feel at your mid-thirties and forties completely depends on the things you do and don’t do. Instead of holding nature responsible for how you turn out as you go, just do your best in all the good practices. Eventually, that’s what’s going to decide what you become.