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How the busyness is no longer a barrier for counselling – the therapist’s perspective?

The importance of mental well-being is quite underrated. This can be assumed to take place since it cannot be seen, or due to the shallow thinking of some people that leads to the questioning of the mere existence of mental health issues. Simply put, mental illnesses exist, and they have cures. If this was understood early enough, a lot of people could have been saved from worlds of pain. But in the present, there is a bigger problem.

The busyness; the corporate has sucked all of us into it and has been extracting the aliveness from us, no matter how much of compensation that it gives us. Hence, most of us are naturally more prone toward these compensations, the incentives, if you may, the priority of doing mentally good comes second. This is a problem that simply does not stop from you.

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As a psychologist, on the flip side, it can be quite hard for you to keep a well-maintained communication with thus busyness. This can be very problematic due to two reasons; you not being able to hold the counselling sessions on time, and the positive stability of the mental state of your clients dropping overtime. Simply, if you could cut off the time taken for either them to reach your office and leave, or vice versa, it would make things much easier – it almost sounds like teleportation, which is clearly impossible; but is there a better way?

This is where the importance of telehealth software for psychologists comes into play. This is a software that is designed specifically in accordance of how a typical professional day of a mental health professional would go; there is the waiting options, the time allocations and everything that would be included in a well-designed virtual therapy room. But why should you invest in it?

Just like it was mentioned, overcoming the busyness of both you and the clients is quite a challenge in these times. But that never is an excuse to lose the quality of your career. It is important that you adapt as problems come in the way. The busyness is simply not an excuse, but a situation that can be used to accelerate the nature of your work, to the positive side.

Most of the time, it is quite normal for the clients to feel quite shy to be open about how they feel, let alone get into a dress to go and see their therapist. Given online mental healthcare has now reached a whole new level of technological compatibility, this would allow even the shyest person to engage in sessions. Since, you can allocate the time slots, and extend the time as needed by your clients, it would never ever be disadvantageous to you; because after all, it is your occupation.

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Absorbing these sorts of technological developments not only helps you to grown bigger professionally, it also helps one more person to look at the world in a more positive way; and you get paid for it.