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How to Become a Paid Food Blogger

Long gone are the days when people started applying for full-time jobs upon graduating only spend eight hours a day stuck to their office chairs. Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, the number of job opportunities and the dynamics of the work sector have changed completely. In this era, you can actually get paid to eat! Although this may sound too good to be true, the title of this job is a “food blogger”. Over the years this has become quite a popular career option as every other person with a good camera and decent photography skills seems to be an aspiring food blogger with a stunning Instagram feed. If you have been dreaming of becoming a food blogger for the longest time, here’s how you can make you dream come true.

Decide On Your Name and Niche

The name of your food blog plays a major role in attracting your followers. It should be something that catches the eye and interests others to probe further into your blog. Avoid names that are too long such as: “the hungry food enthusiast” or “always on the lookout for food”. Since your name will provide a glimpse of your blog, it must be chosen wisely. Apart from this, you must choose the niche that you will be focusing on. This could be the food sector that you love the most. Either a healthy food blog or a blog focusing on all the newest restaurants in town or even discovering the hidden gems that serve amazing food and are yet to be discovered.

Invest In the Right Equipment

Food blogging is basically a job where you either cook meals or put up your recipes online or you try out food at different restaurants and write reviews about the dishes that you ordered. Either way, the main attraction of your blog will be the pictures that you put up. Therefore, you must purchase a good camera that other equipment that will be required to capture high-resolution images of the food that eat. There is no point searching for best restaurants in Melbourne to instagram food online if you do not have the right equipment to capture the food.

food blogger on laptop

Sharpen Your Writing Skills

As an individual who is looking to make money by eating, cooking and writing about it, it is important to have amazing writing skills. This will attract people who will be interested in reading your blog. You cannot write long paragraphs with terrible grammar and expect people to read it and enjoy it. Instead, you must opt for short paragraphs that accurately describe the highlights and flaws of the dish while ensuring that a hint of humour is added from time to time.

The journey of a blogger is not as easy as it may appear. You won’t magically become popular overnight and end up having people approaching you to try out their food for free. It will take a great deal of hard work, dedication and patience to make this dream a reality!