Maintaining a garden

Easy Tips for Maintaining a Garden

Having a beautiful very well maintained garden not only adds extra beauty to your home but also adds value to your property. Maintaining your garden may seem like a hectic job that requires a lot of work but in fact, it is quite the opposite. If you simplify the tasks that need to be carried out and get them done in order, maintaining your garden can go from work that needs to be looked after to your new hobby. There are a few things you need to do before you dive right into growing plants and vegetables in your garden. You must teach yourself a few important things about plants, their fertilizer and also there is a bit of prepping that needs to be done before beginning the planting process, sort of like when you preheat the oven before you place your cake in.

Prep Your Soil before You Plant

The soil is where your plants will live, this is their home and the plant will look to it for all its essential requirements from the nutrients such as the minerals to the water to even the proper bacteria that aid the plant’s growth. Therefore prepping your soil is critical, the healthier the soil, the healthier the plant. Before placing your seeds, loosen up the soil.

That is, use a rake and shake up the soil to break the large clumps and allow easy passage of air through. Buy a fertilizer with all the essential minerals that a plant needs to grow such as nitrogen/nitrate, phosphorous, potassium and mix it in the soil. This will enhance its soil richness and have plenty of nutrients for the plants to extract for their growth. Some gardening services Melbourne offer these fertilizers as a part of their services. That is, there will be no additional cost to the client than for the maintenance service.

Inspect and Remove Weeds before Planting

Maintaining a garden

This is a very important step that needs to be carried out prior to having the seeds planted. Carefully examine the soil and remove any weed that is growing in it. A weed is generally a plant that is not desired and will compete with plants that you desire for the nutrients, sunlight, water and other resources. Essentially, it will cause the stunting of your desired plants and soon the garden will be taken over by weed. Before placing the seeds in your rich soil, make sure to remove any weeds sneaking in the soil.

Keep It Clean

As the seeds in your garden begin to grow into mature plants and also start producing edible fruits and vegetables, make sure to remember to keep the garden clean. Cleanliness in a garden is very important, especially if you are growing edible fruits and vegetables. As the fruits and vegetables ripen, remove them. Watch for any rotten fruits or vegetables and remove them. Don’t allow any unwanted material to remain in your garden as it will affect the growth of your plants.

Following these easy yet significant steps, gardening can be done by anyone and it can be turned into anyone’s hobby. The important thing to keep in mind is to treat your plants with care and they will grow very well.