Teething Bibs

What are teething bibs used for?

So, you recently found a teething bib in your nearby store and now you’re confused about what’s the actual purpose of these bibs. Well, the new parents usually get confused about the teething bibs because they’re almost similar to the feeding bibs and there isn’t any significant difference in them. And that’s why a number of people believe that it’s just a trap by the baby product manufacturers while there isn’t any use of these bibs.

Teething Bibs

If you’re also thinking like that, you’re totally mistaken. There is a particular reason why these bibs are designed and that’s why the manufacturers have named it differently. In this article, we’ll discuss the usage of teething bibs and you’d definitely buy these bibs for your child once they start growing teeth. So, let’s take a look at how the teething bibs can help your child.




Unlike feeding bibs, the teething bibs can be used for the entire day. They kids drool more when they are growing the teeth. This is the time when teething bibs can protect your child’s cloth from drool. That’s why the teething bibs are also known as drool bibs. And they do not make your child feel uncomfortable even if he wears it for the entire day.



Teething Bibs

Mainly the feeding bibs and teething bibs are made of cotton because the cotton is absorbent, relatively durable, and machine washable. But if you carefully see teething bibs, you’d realize that there is a thin layer of plastic or nylon in it. This layer is going to protect your child’s clothes from getting wet. In fact, this is the most important part of the teething bib that is supposed to prevent the drool from seeping through.


Textured section


The teething bibs come with a special textured section. The baby can chew this part of the bib whenever he feels pain in the gums. However, there are some teething bibs come with the teething rings. No matter what type of teething bib you’ve purchased, your child will be able to soothe his gums with the help of that special part that is attached to the teething bib.



Teething Bibs

The use of teething bibs is very simple but some parents find it difficult to understand. However, the teething bib is basically designed to offer some comfort to your child while he’s growing teeth. So, you must buy this type of bib for your child when necessary.