Why upcycled pet products are the way of the future

The modern day pet owner is a strange creature. We are spending more money now on our pets than we ever have before. With custom made collars, matching leash sets, raw diets, personalised bowls, high end beds, and closets full of fast fashion our pet’s are unwittingly sending us broke, but is it more than just our wallets that’s paying the price?

There’s no denying it, our fur-babies are quickly replacing children in a generation of DINKS (dual income no kids) and as a result our environment is taking a huge hit.

Did you know that it takes 2,700 litres of water to grow enough cotton to make just one t-shirt?

The impact fast fashion has on our natural resources is mammoth and with pet owners bringing their fur-babies fashion into the equation our natural resources are feeling the strain more than ever.

One Melbourne based small business is doing their part to reduce the impact that both they are their customers have on the environment through the release of their pupcycled range. A series of bandanas and bow ties printed with a range of fun patterns and colours. All products in their Pupcycled range have been created from pre-loved materials such as drapes, bed sheets and table cloths.

House of Boop have created a business model where their customers can choose to buy dog apparel (bandanas and bow ties) made from both new and recycled materials.

Their pupcycled range (that’s pup and upcycling put together) features a range of cute and colourful enviro-friendly fashion options for the doting pet lover that don’t have the same harsh impact on our eco-system as other options made from new fabric.

But what is pupcycling? According to House of Boop’s Instagram page ‘to Upcycle is to reuse something old, rethink how it can be used and create something different. To pupcycle is the exact same just for dogs’.

House of Boop say that their customers ‘can feel good about reducing waste and staying eco-friendly’ when buying from their Pupcycled range.

To learn more about House of Boop and their range of new and upcycled pet fashion products visit www.houseofboop.com or hit up their Instagram @houseofboop